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Status of proposals Received Seeking Comments by the DGFT for Issuance of License for Import/ Export of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODSs) and Products made with or Containing ODSs
Registration of Producers/ Traders/ Dealers/ Wholesalers/ Sellers Of Ozone Depleting Substances ( ODSs)
Custom and Excise Duty Exemption For Goods Required For Establishment of New Industry with Non ODS Technology

CFC Database

Background: The National Ozone Unit (Ozone Cell) is implementing the Montreal Protocol activities in India for several years. A lot of information was generated regarding projects, the implementation status of the various projects being funded by MLF, the implementation of various GOI policy measures, both fiscal and legislative (such as ODS rules and regulations 2000, Production Quota system, Trade Controls, Licensing system), to encourage early adoption and specific information on non-ODS technologies.

Therefore to generate reports for MOEF and other stakeholders including implementing agencies, MLF Secretariat etc., a need was felt to establish a Management Information Systems (MIS), a centralized information collection, processing and reporting system, which would capture and provide information on ODS data to concerned stakeholders in a timely manner. All this diverse and extensive information are now being gathered and maintained on a centralized database server with web-enabling facilities.

The MIS is a monitoring tool and it strengthen the process of implementation of relevant policies and regulations connected with the ODS. It facilitates generation of progress and financial reports and enables reporting between the various stakeholders associated with the project primarily, MOEF, UNEP, WB, REGMA, Ozone Cell, PMU and the four enterprises.

The system design is based on web-enabled architecture and is carried out to ensure access through a local area network, scalability and inclusion of e-enabling features. E- Enablement is expected to help in sharing information and providing data to relevant stakeholders online.

Online Data Entry Module: Online data entry is implemented so that multiple point data can be collected through web using ASP from time to time, which in turn can be downloaded and then synchronized in our server kept at PMU. The concept of company specific login rights is provided to each enterprise for entry/updation of data entry forms.

Online Data Reporting Module: The reports can also be browsed on the net with a suitable login and password provided to specific member, which can be accessed on the web.

Online Data Entry of CFC

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