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IT Power India has been publishing Eco-Cool since the beginning of the HIDECOR project and continues to do so under NCCoPP. Eco-Cool focuses upon the needs of the refrigeration service sector technicians. Utmost care is taken to ensure quality content, and the final draft is reviewed by an NCCoPP technical advisory team.
The newsletter invites contributions and letters from technicians and each issue includes informative articles on new refrigerants and technology updates. The ‘Cool Tips’ are a special favourite with the technicians. The training schedules are also included in the newsletter. Eco-Cool offers the only means of affiliation for servicing technicians who do not belong to larger associations.

The newsletter is circulated by direct mailing to more than 13000 technicians and to 500 international destinations. An up-to-date database of all technicians trained aids focused mailing. Eco-Cool's circulation is further reinforced through the use of dealers' networks.

Eco-Cool is published by IT Power India under a license agreement with Deepak Pahwa, Arctic India Sales, who hold the rights of the trade name. swiss replica watches

Year/ IssueEnglish TamilHindi
September, 2007Download (1.47 MB) Download (1.47 MB) Download (1.05 MB)
March, 2007Download (1.47 MB) Download (1.47 MB) Download (1.05 MB)
November, 2006Download (1.53 MB) Download (1.49 MB) Download (1.48 MB)
August, 2006Download (1.05 MB) Download (1.02 MB) Download (912 KB)
Mar, 2006Download (1.20 MB) Download (957KB) Download (1.80MB)
Nov, 2005Download (793KB) Download (1 MB) Download (1.63MB)
Jul, 2005Download (715KB) Download (625KB) Download (668KB)
Mar, 2005Download (827KB) Download (1MB) Download (945kB)
Dec, 2004Download (1MB) Download (1.17 MB) Download (860 KB)

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