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Regulatory Framework »
Licensing System
Legislations (Gazette Notifications)
The Gazette of India Notification (ODS Rules, 2000) & its amendments
The Ozone Depleting Substances (Regulation and Control) Amendment Rules, 2014
Forms to download
Schedules to download
ORDER - Control of emission/venting of Hydrofluorocarbon (HFC)-23, produced as by product while manufacturing of Hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC)-22, in the atmosphere.
OFFICE ORDER - A policy decision by MoEF to comply with HPMP Stage-I targets
Fiscal Measures
Regulations for safe use of hydrocarbons as non-ODS alternatives

Fiscal Measures

The Government of India in January, 1995 decided to fully exempt payment of Customs and Central Excise duties on capital goods required to implement ODS phaseout projects funded by the MLF. This benefit was later extended for all ODS phaseout projects and investment in non-ODS technology as a one-time support. For projects approved by the Multilateral Fund Secretariat, approval for duty exemption is directly given by the Ozone Cell, after drawing reference to the project. For projects approved by UNDP and UNIDO, procurement is done through UNOPS on the basis of its own standardized system for procuring equipment after availing duty exemption. For the World Bank projects, IDBI functions as the financial intermediary and based specific approval by Ozone Cell on duty exemption, imports are effected under the World Bank projects.

Guidelines and procedures have been prescribed for availing duty exemptions for goods required for new investments using non-ODS technologies. The projects submitted for availing these duty exemptions are reviewed and cleared by the TFSC after internal approval by Ozone Cell.TFSC then recommends the projects considered suitable for duty exemption to ESC, which approves the project for duty exemption. Based on ESC’s approval, Director of the Ozone Cell provides duty exemption certificate for projects based on non-ODS technologies. The Reserve Bank of India has issued a directive to all financial institutions / banks banning finance to new plants or for expansion using technologies to produce ODS or products using ODS.

Check list for consideration of Duty Exemption application by the TFSC

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