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Strategy for Solvent to phase-out ODS in SMEs in India

The Ex-Com of the Montreal Protocol approved the " overall Strategy for the Solvent Sector to support the phase out of ODS in the SMEs in India" project at a cost of US$169,500 at the 35th Meeting of the Ex-Com to be implemented by UNEP-DTIE in consultation with World Bank and UNIDO. This project was to assist India in developing an overall strategy for the solvent sector which would cover both non-investment and investment activities to support the phase-out of ODS in the solvent sector in India and assist India in meeting its 2005 and 2007 commitments for the solvent sector. The aim of the project , at the operational level, is to develop approaches for assisting SMEs which use solvents in India through training, Solvent Alternative Technology Service (SATS),  information dissemination and investment and non-investment activities.

The project has been completed by UNEP and submitted the reports to the Ozone Cell and the World Bank. The inputs provided through the Strategy document were incorporated in the National CTC Phase-out Plan prepared by the World Bank. The Project Completion Report (PCR) has been submitted by UNEP. As such there are no major observations recorded in the PCR and a balance amount of US $10140 has been returned to the MLF at the 50th EX-Com Meeting.

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